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Martinez is our latest renewable fuels project. Here are several others.

Martinez Renewable Fuels is our latest in a long line of renewable fuels investments. We have been in the ethanol business for many years, and have owned and operated a biodiesel plant since 2014. We are committed to reducing the carbon intensity of the fuels we manufacture, and renewable fuels are helping us achieve that goal.

Virent, Inc.

  • Project: A wholly owned subsidiary using biobased feedstocks to create drop-in replacement fuels and chemicals
  • Location: Madison, Wisconsin
  • Fuel: BioFormate® (drop-in biogasoline, diesel,  jet fuel and chemicals made from corn, beets, sugar cane and cellulosic materials)

Virent Inc.

Dickinson Renewable Diesel Facility

  • Project: Converted petroleum refinery into renewable diesel facility
  • Location: Dickinson, North Dakota
  • Fuel: Renewable diesel and naphtha
  • Capacity: Approximately 184 million gallons per year
  • Timeline: Became fully operational in 2021 as the second largest facility of its kind in the United States

DIckinson Renewable Diesel Facility

Cincinnati Pretreatment Facility

  • Project: Converted biodiesel plant into a pretreatment facility
  • Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Fuel: Supplies agricultural feedstocks to our Dickinson Renewable Diesel Facility
  • Timeline: Purchased as a biodiesel facility in 2014 and began operations as a pretreatment facility in early 2022

Cincinnati Renewable Fuels and Biodiesel Facility

Beatrice Pretreatment Facility for Renewable Diesel Feedstocks

  • Project: Purchased in 2020 to operate as a terminal and pretreatment center for agricultural feedstocks
  • Location: Beatrice, Nebraska
  • Fuel: Handles agricultural feedstocks for transport to Dickinson renewable diesel facility
  • Capacity: Approximately 58 million gallons per year
  • Timeline: The facility began operations in early 2021

Beatrice Pretreatment Facility

Biocrude Processing

  • Project: MPC is working with Fulcrum Bioenergy to process biocrude derived from municipal solid waste
  • Location: Storey County, Nevada
  • Fuel: Low-carbon syncrude
  • Project status: Strategically evaluating this project in light of our plans to reposition our Martinez refinery to become Martinez Renewable Fuels

Sierra Nevada Bio - Refinery

The Andersons Marathon Holdings LLC

  • Project: A joint venture with The Andersons to produce ethanol
  • Locations: Albion, Michigan; Clymers, Indiana; Greenville, Ohio; and Denison, Iowa
  • Fuel: Ethanol biofuel
  • Capacity: Approximately 475 million gallons per year
  • Timeline: Joint venture effective Oct. 1, 2019, strengthened and extended the companies’ long-time partnership


Converting Martinez to Renewable Fuels Facility

  • Project: Converting Martinez Refinery into a renewable fuels facility
  • Location: Martinez, California
  • Fuels: Renewable diesel and other renewable fuels
  • Capacity: Approximately 730 million gallons per year
  • Timeline: Production expected to come online in 2022 and ramp up to full capacity in 2023

Martinez Refinery

Additional Renewable Fuels Commitments

  • Credits generated under the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) and the federal Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) are creating demand for renewable fuels – produced from such renewable feedstocks as corn oil, soybean oil and animal fats. The demand for renewable fuels is already high and is expected to continue growing based on the current credit systems as well as additional credit systems that are under consideration in other states and countries.
  • In March 2020, MPC established a companywide greenhouse-gas-emissions-intensity reduction target and linked that target to its executive and employee compensation programs. MPC is the first independent U.S. refiner to establish such a target. This ambitious target requires a 30% reduction in Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas intensity below 2014 levels by 2030.